In this tour, our awesomely bearded guide Mr. Reidar took us to a tranquil valley south of Tromsø, to capture the best aurora pictures.

Overall this activity was amazing and I would highly recommend this to all who wants to capture the northern lights under the best condition with the best, most sincere guide in Tromsø!

                                      - Gingal1 on Trip Advisor

We are back in business! Check out our excursions below, and send us an email if you would like to go hiking with us on our predefined hikes or if you want to do something custom. We look forward to seeing you in Tromsø.

Vi er tilbake i drift! Vi snakker naturligvis norsk på utflukter hvor vi tar med nordmenn, og ved å klikke på bookinglenken til våre sommerutflukter er beskrivelsen av disse nå også oversatt. Om det er noe du lurer på er det bare å ta kontakt, vi arrangerer også turer på bestilling. Vi ser fram til å treffe deg i Tromsø.


Summer hike

1st June - 25th August

Hiking under the midnight sun is a fantastic experience, and something you should definitely do while in the north.


The sun is visible over the horizon from May 18th. until Juli 25th. 


NOK 705.-


Northern Lights

1st October - 1st. April

5-6 hour northern lights chase by car outside Tromsø. Fjords, beaches, mountains are guaranteed - for the lights we need some luck. Small group, traditional meal and a hot drink included.


NOK 1350.-


Mountain Hike

15th July - 1st October

With its 1238m the Tromsdalen peak is a hike for guests who want a challenge. A whole day trip where you carry your own food and water in woods and rocky terrain. Very weather dependent!


NOK 1515.-


Snowshoe hike

1st. December - 1st. May

Snowshoeing in the Tromsø area. A nice 3-4 hour hike with hot drink and sweet surprise. We can promise you a little pulse on this one, but will adapt pace and length to group. 


NOK 930.-

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Ready for a few days up north? We got some fantastic hand made & warm wool mittens in our shop - have a look!


On an average week in the north you will see the lights on more than one occasion. We hunt clear skies, that means that on some days we have to move around for the best chance. Don't worry, we´ll check the forecast for you.

We have a few years of experience with northern lights and nature photography, and we always bring a camera. We know the good spots and we´ll throw in some helpful tips & tricks along the way. 

There are plenty of hiking opportunities in the north - mostly only a stone's throw away from a city. We will adapt the terrain and pace to the group, and we´ll bring snowshoes if necessary. We promise you a good walk and a nice view.

The midnight sun

join in on a summer hike

We've spent the best time in Tromsø with Arctic Moments!! Reidar (our guide) is the expert of Northern lights and tours in Tromsø. He knows a lot of great places to see the lights and he is also skilful to take beautiful pictures. I really appreciate that he provided us hot drinks and local cakes while we were watching the lights.


We could see the beautiful lights several times during the 3-hours tour. Finally, the tour was really cozy and funny because Reidar is a reliable, humane, and humorous person. I really recommend Arctic Moments if you stay in Tromsø!!

TakashiH - Trip Advisor

Reidar took us to the most incredible point in Kvaløya (if I remember correctly). The place was wonderful, and we had the pleasure to contemplate two hours of northern lights around a bonfire, eating Norwegian stew.


This night felt safe, heartwarming and unforgettable! Last but not least: hunting for northern lights can be tricky and you are at the mercy of the forecasts: when he saw the forecasts, Reidar kindly offered us to move our evening to another date, to be sure to find those lights! Thanks, Reidar, I'll definitely come back

Gauthier Lamothe - AirBnb

TakashiH - on Trip Advisor