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The Arctic Moments is cooperating with the guide service company, situated in Tromsø and the north of Norway. Contact them for inquiries about excursions that are tailor made to your needs, if you need help sorting out ideas, possibilities, and what could be the best opinion for you or your group.  


Get in touch through the website, social media below or write an email using the address

What we do

The nordic slow adventure tradition

At The Arctic Moments, we work through the nordic slow adventure philosophy, also known as friluftsliv in Scandinavia. There are many ways to explain what this means, but it has been described as "adventures with a rough- and unpolished luxury, where the luxury arises from a quiet intimacy with untouched nature, in a remote and beautiful environment".


It is easy to understand that our famous explorers Nansen, Amundsen, and Johansen lived by some of these principles exploring the white areas on the map, and writing books about their quiet (and sometimes not so quiet) encounters with nature. 


This kind of low-impact adventure is all about a high-quality, personalized & handmade experience as we want to take you out in the north Norwegian "wilderness" in a safe and comfortable way, but at the same time, you should feel somewhat in touch with nature and the elements.


Join us on an unforgettable time up north, and do get in touch through Airbnb or social media if you have any questions. Maybe you want to do an excursion not listed on our webpage?- at The arctic moments we are small and flexible. Your Arctic adventure is just around the corner!

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