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Reidar Arnesen

Arctic Nature Guide

Thank you for visiting my online presentation. Feel free to contact me directly using the contact information stated below. Let´s grab a cup of coffee face to face, or over the internet so that we can get to know each other a bit better. Wish you a nice and adventurous day.


I live and work out of Tromsø, the northern lights city in the arctic, also known as the "Paris of the north". I have lived here more or less my whole life, and have been using nature as a second home since I was old enough to enjoy being outdoors. After a leadership, psychology, and economics education, and a long period of office work for the University of Tromsø, I decided to reeducate to work "on my feet", and more in line with other passions.

I have a broad interest surrounding the nordic slow adventure philosophy, also known as "friluftsliv" in Norway. In the friluftsliv concept, it is the meeting between man and nature that is the focus - and that the outdoors have something to offer that one will not usually find in the modern big city lives that most people live today. Having done several nights out with guests from all over the world I feel confident that they appreciate getting a short introduction to the history and traditions that we grew up with and are used to on a daily basis. 

With the birth of The Arctic Moments in 2017, it all came together, and it has been a playground where some of my interest in the travel industry has come alive. This is where I have been experimenting with text, photos, different products, and layouts to get to where I am today - in a continuous effort to get better, visible, and offer guide services to traveling guests and fellow travel companies in the region. 

What triggers me is the diversity in tasks that surround the business, the meeting between people and cultures, and the opportunity to convey the beauty of a part of Norway where I grew up. Coming from a mix of a practical and academic background, I feel that nature-based tourism is the place to be at the moment - and it is important to remember that we are not selling a product, we are selling experiences and new knowledge.



Thank you very much Reidar for everything! For an amazing aurora hunt, pictures, campfire, coffee, soup, and Norwegian Kitkat lol! I will never forget this wonderful experience! :)



I would definitely recommend Reidar as a guide. He is a really nice person with good experience in outdoor activities in the area. Thank you Reidar for this unforgettable experience !



His love and passion for chasing the Northern Lights is infectious and because I went with Reidar in his car, we were able to go to some secluded spots to find the Northern Lights. It's a no wonder he has a 90% success rate in finding the lights



In this tour, our awesomely bearded guide Mr. Reidar took us to a tranquil valley south of Tromsø, to capture the best aurora pictures.

Video CV

Expedition Leader


2018 - 2020

previous experience
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Practical information

I normally work in Tromsø and the surrounding areas. For other locations, we usually need to plan a bit further ahead. I would be interested in all types of guide service/management/photography/marine missions, both short- and longterm.


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