Tromsø is experiencing thousands of visiting guests traveling north to experience the northern lights. There are very few hotel rooms available but on the other hand plenty of operators taking guests our every night to see if they can find clear patches in the sky where the aurora might appear.


The so-called northern lights hunting is actually a hunt for a clear sky. The idea is that if you can see the stars, it is always also possible to see the lights with some luck. To do this it is important to know the area that we are traveling in, the microclimate, the valleys, and the secret spots. On some nights you can see the lights from your hotel and don't even have to join an excursion, and on other nights you might end up most of the evening in a car traveling towards the Finnish border for some colder weather and clear sky. The northern lights are very unpredictable and no one can guarantee that you will see them. Read more about what they are in our blog. 


 At Arctic Moments we travel in small groups. This enables us to move quickly, we don't need a lot of space to park, and the guides have more time for the guests. We will help you set your camera, and give you some tips on how to get the best photos. Let us know if you need a tripod, and to prepare you could read up on how to do northern lights photos.

Even though we are running premade excursions found on our home page, we are experts in our area. Should you want to do something else, we are ready for your suggestions. Use our premade contact sheet or contact us at with information on when you are in Tromsø and what you want to do.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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