At Arctic Moments photography is a natural part of the excursions we do, and for some, what brought us into nature in the first place. Most of us have been photographing outdoors for many years, and love the shifting light in the arctic. The midnight sun in the summer and the polar light during the winter months both make for great photography possibilities. Bringing a camera outdoors during the winter can be demanding, and there are some precautions to keep in mind.

We won´t call our self experts but know a few tips and tricks to make photos look good in especially low light conditions. After a few years, and with a couple of thousand guests bringing with them all kinds of cameras we have a reasonable good overview of how to set the different kinds, and what works in the arctic.

We are always bringing a camera on our excursions and will, of course, share the photos with you after we get back home. If you need an introduction on how to set your camera for the northern lights there is already an article prepared for you in our blog.

Want a hands-on crash course? Just ask, and we´ll give you an hour or two of "sitting down and going through your camera" lesson that will make it worth your while dragging your camera and tripod halfway around the world.


Hands-on northern lights photography course from NOK 690 pp. - An example course is a 1-hour private course with help setting your camera. We´ll even pick you up at your hotel. Ideally, we will start at 17:30 (6 pm), before we head out hunting the lights at 19:00 (7 pm).