The mittens got their name from the second largest island in Norway Senja, known for its varied landscape - sometimes called a miniature Norway. The exterior is characterized by dramatic mountains that plunge straight into the sea, but also by idyllic archipelago and beautiful sandy beaches. On the inside of the island, you will find fertile soil and a friendly landscape with rolling hills and birch forest. The history on the island goes back several thousand years where the people have lived of fisheries and small scale farming.


The typical Norwegian wool mitten “graavotten” is the inspiration for the mitten:senja - a typical design in the north that has been used by generations of fishermen and explorers in the north of Norway. Made by 100% sheep wool, and gone through a process called toving (felting) - the mittens are almost windproof, and actually get warm as they get wet. An old fisherman’s trick when getting cold hands was to dip the mittens in seawater to make them even warmer and more windproof.

These I have used on several occasions, for example on the north pole and walking the 200km Russian /Norwegian border. In combination with a pair of wind mittens, you will stay warm in almost all conditions.

These are of course also 100% hand made with “grandmother guarantee”. Might shrink a bit with use - in my opinion, they only get better.  Since the yarn used is natural and uncolored, the color of the mittens will vary from light gray to dark grey - depending on the sheep.

If you feel the need to wash your wool garment there are a few things to consider. You should hand wash only at a maximum of 30-40 degrees celsius. When done with the washing you dry the garments on a flat surface, for example the bathroom floor. Wool might shrink a bit when washed, but is easily pulled into the previous shape when wet. Just make sure you don´t overdo it.


Most of the time it will be enough to just leave your wool product outdoors for a few hours to let it breathe - this will of course not work on stains.


Need more information? Have a look at this short video from TSI Apparel.