headwear:headband kids

headwear:headband kids


100% wool lightly filted headbands in two different colours - at the moment. They are warm and light, easy to bring in your pocket when outside. My children use these all the time in the colder season - in the north that could also mean the middle of July.


Will keep you warm on most days along the cost of Norway, but you will need a proper hat for the winter.


One size fits all aged 6-16 . Beware that the patterns on the headbands can vary a bit  due to several producers in the north of Norway - the pictures are not neccissarily 100% correct pattern and colourwise. On the other side, your headband will be one of a kind.

If you feel the need to wash your wool garment there are a few things to consider. You should hand wash only at a maximum of 30-40 degrees celsius. When done with the washing you dry the garments on a flat surface, for example the bathroom floor. Wool might shrink a bit when washed, but is easily pulled into the previous shape when wet. Just make sure you don´t overdo it.


Most of the time it will be enough to just leave your wool product outdoors for a few hours to let it breathe - this will of course not work on stains.


Need more information? Have a look at this short video from TSI Apparel.