sleep:reindeer skin

sleep:reindeer skin


This is 1. class/class A reindeer skin, medium size, appr. 115cm long. 


This is what keeps the reindeers warm down to minus 40 degrees celsius. It is a valuable biproduct of meat production from what is still an only partially domesticated animal in Scandinavian nature. In the nordic slow adventure tradition the skins are used to sit & sleep on during the cold winter days. These skins are a bit shorter than a full length sleeping mat - that makes them perfect for transport and the extra heat on the upper body during the night. These very soft skins are also suitable as cover, for example for children sleeping outside.


The skins are however, even in this very nice quality, are not indistructable and need to be taken well care of. Heng them up to dry when getting home, and dry them flat if possible. To keep the skins "as new" they need to be on a wall as art or decoration- but that is not very practical when you are out freezing. The skins come in different shades and markings from almost white to dark brown.

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