Wool & Accessories

The Arctic Moments store

At Arctic Moments we are not only a lot outdoors, showing our guests the culture and beauty of the place where we live and work. We also try to do our bit in keeping traditions alive - using and promoting wool wear with a long history in the northern regions. Our guests have asked us for a place to get the products, so here we are. 

With the Arctic Moments logo attached to the product, you know that we have used and found the garment suitable for life in the arctic. We probably even know the person who made it. In our store, you will find warm, rigid, and practical wool products - handmade in the north, just for you. 


Pick what you need to stay warm in the shop, and choose Tromsø as the pickup point. We will be on the quay to meet you when you arrive. Just make sure we have a valid phone number og email to reach you. We will normally need a days notice to pack everything, and have it brought to you.  

What our other guests had a look at: